Xero Data Feed for Hang Seng Bank (Bank Feed)

Hang Seng Xero Bank Feed Integration

Connect your Xero account (www.xero.com) to all your Hang Seng business bank accounts to enable automatic updates of all transactions every day.

Xero Bank Feed for Hang Seng Bank is now available. You can link your Hang Seng business bank account to your Xero account. This will enable your bank transactions to automatically import into Xero every day. After this integration and automation, you will save time, your data will be accurate, and you will have an up-to-date view of your cash.

The Benefits

Easy setup: You can quickly set up your Hang Seng bank account by entering your account details in Xero. Follow the prompts/instructions to authorize the connection through Hang Seng Business e-Banking.

Accurate daily data from Hang Seng: When your Hang Seng business account is linked to Xero, your bank transactions will start showing up in Xero every day. The imported transaction data will enable you for your quick reconciliation.

Up-to-date view of your cash flow: When your Hang Seng business account is linked to Xero, you can quickly get visibility about the status of your bank account i.e. check how much cash you have, view which customers have paid, view what bills you need to pay, etc.

No additional cost to use the Hang Seng Bank Feed.

How do you link Xero with your Hang Seng bank account?

You can link them in three steps:

Step 1: Log in to Xero.

Step 2: Select 'Accounting', 'Bank Accounts' and then 'Add Bank Account'.

Step 3: Find Hang Seng Bank (HK) and follow the prompts.

Hang Seng Account Types

What Hang Seng account types are available for connecting with Xero?

  • Business Integrated Account (includes HKD Current, HKD Savings and Foreign Currency Statement Savings)

  • All other account types within a Business Integrated Account will not be supported.

  • HKD Current accounts

  • HKD Savings accounts (Passbook and Statement Savings)

  • USD Passbook Savings

  • Foreign Currency Current Accounts

  • Foreign Currency Statement Savings

  • RMB Savings accounts

  • Time Deposit accounts

For your Hang Seng accounts that are in another currency (i.e. not HK Dollar), you'll need multicurrency enabled.

Other Information

Once you have applied online within your Hang Seng Business e-Banking and authorize the Hang Seng / Xero connection, your data feed will start in two business days and that’s when your bank transactions will start to be imported into Xero.

The bank feed enables you to have business transactions from Hang Seng automatically imported into Xero daily by 10.00am (HKT). i.e. Those are the transactions from the previous day.

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