Account Service for Hong Kong companies

Under the Inland Revenue Ordinance, every company is required to keep sufficient records to enable assessable profits to be readily ascertained. All records must be retained for seven years from the transaction date. Even after the company ceases trading, the company record-keeping obligations continue until the seven year period has expired. It is an offence not to keep adequate records. The company can be penalized for not doing so by being fined up to $100,000.

There are also many other sound reasons why the company should keep accurate business records. Here are some:

  1. Accurate records allow the company to be in better control of the business.

  2. A company portray a more professional image that makes it easier to deal with the company’s bank and business partners.

  3. Appropriate records enable the company to file an accurate profits tax return


  • Consulting on company accounting structure and policy set up

  • Book-keeping

  • Maintenance of proper records and computerized system

  • Professional Financial Report

  • Customize Financial Analysis

  • Arrange Independent Auditor

  • Consultation on company internal control

  • Act as Tax Representative for you

  • Tax Planning for corporations, partnerships, sole proprietors and individuals

  • Tax computation and tax return filing

  • Handle Inquiries from Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department

  • Assist in tax objections and appeals