Nominee Service

Prism provides nominee service to act as nominee shareholder to ensure normal operation of enterprise, if shareholders of the clients are unwilling to publicize their personal information, or due to other business considerations.

The nominee shareholder does not own the shares or benefit from the shares in any way. They also have no claim over the shares and have to sign a declaration of trust which states that they will not benefit and they have no legal claim over the shares, thus protecting the beneficiary owner's assets.

Nominee shareholder has no access to bank accounts or other assets and does not have actual right to make any decisions for the company.

Nominee shareholder can be individual or organisation and can be based anywhere in the world, they do not have to be based in the same country as the beneficiary owner or the company they own shares in.


  1. Nominee agreement will be signed with the clients to protect the beneficial owner's rights to company properties and income distribution

  2. The beneficial owner will have the right to dismiss the nominee shareholder and director from office at any time.

  3. Nominee should not sign any commercial contracts/agreements without the authority of the beneficial owner

  4. Nominee is not liable to commercial activities of the company