About Us - Advantages of Using Prism

Prism provides in-house one-stop services of company incorporation for both Hong Kong and other offshore jurisdictions, accounting services, auditing, tax filing and payroll services.

Prism has more than two decades of experience in serving expatriates moving to Hong Kong.

Bringing exceptional and satisfactory client service is not an easy task in today’s complex and demanding environment, but at Prism, every member of our team is working hard to understand the clients’ demands and to find the best solution to fulfill their needs. We not only give the best solution to clients, but also do an extra mile for our clients. We highlight below areas that differentiate Prism from other firms in serving you.

When you need us, we are here

We provide a 24-hour hotline and different channels of communication to ensure you can reach us anytime and anywhere e.g. email, SMS, Whatsapp, Skype, WeChat, etc. When you or your expatriate staffs have urgent immigration issues, just call us no matter the time difference. Our experienced staffs are always around to provide solutions for you. We will never hang up the phone without providing you a solution.

Strong commitment to responsive and proactive communication

We ensure your emails and other means of communication will be answered within the same day and we will proactively keep you updated on the status of each application.

We do an extra mile for you by providing with you extra value-added services

Prism fully understands the needs of expatriates. We not only care about the duties done perfectly from our end, but also ensure that all other needs of the expatriates are met on priority to settle in Hong Kong.

A single point-of-contact approach

Our Director will serve as Lead Engagement Director to ensure Prism fully meets your expectations and allocates the right resources to provide seamless services to you and your company. The Lead Consultant, will be the single point of contact for you to provide you with ongoing and proactive daily communication and to facilitate consistent high quality integrated services.

Simple structure with no delay on visa applications

Prism is a small but professional Immigration service firm. We take an advantage of our small firm to give flexibility to handle urgent applications with no delay. We can easily arrange our resources around to deal with urgent issues without going through a complicated company approval procedure. We guarantee visa applications will be submitted to Immigration within 24 hours upon all necessary documents are collected.

Our official partners

We work with official partners such as Xero, PayPal and Stripe.

  • Xero is our official partner. We help and train our customers using the Xero accounting software, improving their efficiency and accuracy on bookkeeping and accounting.

  • Our customers can make use of secured online payment methods through PayPal or Stripe.

Xero Accounting Software
PayPal Payment
Stripe Payment