Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are short videos in which they explain the products or services of your company or business in Hong Kong.

Explainer videos can easily be uploaded on to YouTube (the second largest search engine, and the most popular video search engine) to attract millions of potential consumers from HK and/or around the world for a business.

You can easily place an explainer video on your company website, whether it is the homepage or a landing page with product or service promotion.

Explainer video is an online marketing media that is important for any local business in Hong Kong.

The 1-minute explainer video is one of the most effective marketing videos.

1-Minute Explainer Video Production

An 1-Minute Explainer Video:

  • Can introduce your business, brand, product, or services to potential customers.

  • Is an effective marketing media on YouTube.

  • Can be a low cost branding media when it is done through YouTube.

Our use cases of 1-minute explainer videos:

  • Introduction video of your business or brand

  • Marketing video for new product launch

  • Explainer video for your service

YouTube Is The Second Largest Search Engine

Video has become a very popular media for consumers.

Each month, more than one billion people visit YouTube to watch videos.

YouTube is actually the second largest search engine in the world, behind Google web search.

As a video streaming platform (or a video search engine), the above statistics make YouTube an essential online marketing channel.

Consider more than 60% people may prefer learning new information through videos. This gives explainer videos a big boost.

Doing company website SEO helps your business get found through Google search. Placing your explainer videos on YouTube will definitely help consumers find your business.

Youtube Videos Put Your Business In Advantage On Google

Besides local SEO, there is this Video SEO on Google. Google considers videos as an important media.

When you perform keyword searches on Google, you may often see videos showing up in Google search results. Most of these YouTube videos appear within the first 10 organic search results (i.e. page one of Google).

Google blends together many content and/or media including universal search, local search, videos, images/photos, books, news, etc, and makes them available through Google search.

It means putting videos on YouTube will help your business get found on Google search results pages.

You should take advantage of Google algorithms (including universal search, videos, etc). This can be done with:

  • Write high quality articles.

  • Produce videos and upload them to YouTube.

  • The videos and article content must be complementary with each other.

How Can You Use An Explainer Video To Your Business Advantage?

Having a video or explainer video allows you to share on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.

You can directly send the YouTube link of your explainer video to anyone through emails or instant messaging tools including Whatsapp, Line, Skype, Viber, Telegram, and more.

On your company or business website, you can embed the YouTube explainer video. This leads to a longer dwell time and higher engagement for your company website visitors. Just make sure your company website follows responsive web design when it was developed.

Examples of Explainer Videos

Cost of Explainer Video with English or Cantonese (Chinese) Narration

  • HK$1,500: 1-2 minutes

  • HK$2,500: 2-3 minutes

  • HK$6,000: 3-7 minutes

Or order six 1-2 minute videos for HK$8,000.

Make an order and get your videos created.