WORDPRESS CRM (Customer Relationship Management System)

Wordpress CRM

What is a CRM?

CRM stands for customer relationship management. For business, a CRM is a software and is a customer relationship management system.

What is a Wordpress CRM?

Our CRM can be integrated on to your Wordpress website, and that is a Wordpress CRM.

After Wordpress CRM integration, management of contacts, email marketing, automated marketing campaigns, customer retention, and more can all be carried out within one platform (i.e. Wordpress website).

Benefits to use Wordpress CRM

The CRM lets you manage your contacts in one place i.e. within your Wordpress website.

It makes it easy and simple for your to create email marketing campaigns. Regularly creating and sending useful emails to your customers can improve your customer retention.

The automation rules help you create marketing funnels to convert contacts into sales.

The CRM enables you to create segments for your contacts. You can configure rules to segment your contacts based on their different behaviour.

The analytics reports (especially per email campaign performance) will help you understand better the behaviour of your customers, and subsequently you can make the right business decisions for your services or products.

Wordpress CRM Plan

With our plan, you will get:

  • A complete CRM setup

  • Auto-reply setup of your contact form - YES! we will link the CRM to your contact form

  • Free video tutorial to get started using the CRM

  • Free video tutorial to import your contacts

  • Free video tutorial to set up your email marketing campaigns

  • Free video tutorial to set up your own email marketing automation funnels

  • Free video tutorial to set up your own email templates

Wordpress CRM Features

With the Wordpress CRM, you will be able to do all of the following:

  • Manage & edit unlimited number of contacts.

  • Import unlimited number of contacts.

  • Send emails to unlimited number of contacts.

  • Create unlimited lists (of contacts).

  • Assign unlimited tags to contacts.

  • Create unlimited segments.

  • Create unlimited email campaigns.

  • Create unlimited email templates.

  • Create unlimited auto-reply emails.

  • Create unlimited marketing automation funnels.

  • Create unlimited web forms.

  • Get analytics reports per email campaign.

More reasons to integrate the CRM on to your Wordpress website

One-time payment - No monthly recurring fees. (This is unlike Mailchimp or any other CRM solutions in which you will keep paying monthly recurring fees)

As your contact list grows, you will not be charged more fees. (This is unlike Mailchimp or any other CRM solutions in which you will be billed higher fees for more contacts stored in your CRM)

Ready to integrate the CRM on to your Wordpress website?

Need developing a Wordpress website? All websites that we have developed fulfill the responsive web design principle i.e. They are all 100% mobile-friendly websites.

Contact us should you need only a new website, a CRM set up on your current Wordpress website, or a new Wordpress website with a CRM.