Hong Kong Company Registration Service

When doing business in Hong Kong (HK), it is a common practice to go through the HK company registry process to actually set up a company, whether it is limited company or a sole proprietorship.

Prism is at the forefront to be your consultant to process of setting up a Hong Kong company.

We provide accurate and comprehensive information and solutions on Hong Kong company registration, taxation, immigration and ongoing compliance matters for startups and small to medium sized companies.

Hong Kong has been a leading international finance and business center in the world. It is a territory equipped with stable political environment, well-developed infrastructure, ever-growing capital market, highly educated working professionals, and an attractive tax regime. Being as one of the most dynamic economic regions in the world, Hong Kong not only offers a supreme location for entrepreneurs and firms to participate in the Asian economies, but also serves as the doorway to the Chinese market.

Foreign companies intend to set up a business and go through Hong Kong company registry would consider the following three options:

  • Hong Kong Limited Company

  • Hong Kong Representative Office

  • Branch Office

Hong Kong Limited Company

Setting up a limited liability entity in Hong Kong is the most common practice, in which the HK company can enjoy the low tax rate in Hong Kong. It will carry an independent accounting book and bank account in Hong Kong.

Prism provides shell Hong Kong Limited companies which are already incorporated and ready to be used instantly for clients' selection.

Hong Kong Representative Office

A representative office is only an extension arm of the overseas company. The representative office will not carry independent accounting book in Hong Kong, just solely for supporting purpose. It is suitable for small size of business to have customer or technical support for its customers.

Foreign companies that wish to gain market insight, exposure and a better understanding of the Hong Kong business environment before setting up a full-scaled office can look for establishing a representative office first.

Branch office in Hong Kong

A branch office is treated as an extension of the foreign parent company and is not a separate legal entity in its own right. Thus, the overseas company is responsible for any debt and legal liability for the Hong Kong branch office.

The foreign parent company has to do the consolidated account and thus, Hong Kong sourced profit generated in the branch office in Hong Kong may subject to overseas tax. Setting up a branch office however is less flexible than a limited company.

Sole proprietorship & Partnership

Sole proprietorship is considered the easiest and simplest form of business in Hong Kong. As the name suggests, the business is owned and operated by a sole person. Since the business is not a separate legal entity, the owner and the business are considered one entity.

Likewise, partnership is defined as businesses that are established and co-owned by two or more people who join together to carry on the business with a view of sharing profits. Partnerships in Hong Kong are governed by the Partnership Ordinance and are of two types: General Partnership and Limited Partnership. Same with sole proprietorship, partnership is also not separate legal entity.

Offshore Limited Company

Globally, some countries or regions offer an international tax-free system including Cayman Island, BVI etc. These countries and regions are named as offshore countries or offshore jurisdictions. Companies that are owned by foreign investors and do not have any operations within the offshore countries or jurisdictions are called offshore companies. Offshore companies are not required to pay any tax in these countries. Shareholders can be anonymous. In addition to the attractive tax-free system, other benefits of using offshore companies are international tax planning, wealth management, wealth protection, asset protection, high privacy and confidentiality of company ownership and also less regulation requirements. There are a number of advantages for why setting up an offshore company is getting more and more popular in Hong Kong.

Prism is at the forefront to be your consultant to process of setting up an offshore company. We provide accurate and comprehensive information and solutions on offshore jurisdictions on company registration and ongoing compliance matters for startups.