Payroll Service

Payroll can be prepared by in-house human resources within a company, or it can be outsourced to a Payroll Service Provider in Hong Kong. Many businesses have discovered that outsourcing payroll to a professional service actually saves the company time and money. This is very true especially for foreign companies that have set up an office in Hong Kong, as they may not have a human resource team to handle payroll operations in Hong Kong.

When a foreign company sends only a few expatriates to work from Hong Kong, it is not worth to recruit and spend the money on a full-time in-house staff just for working on the payroll/HR system in Hong Kong.

Engaging an outsourced payroll provider will definitely save time, money and bring accuracy in place. More importantly, all the expatriates (who are hired as your employees) will be paid on time in Hong Kong.

Prism Consultancy can provide Payroll Services in Hong Kong as follows:

  1. Prepare monthly payroll record for head office approval

  2. Prepare monthly payroll autopay banking services

  3. Prepare monthly MPF enrollment and payments under Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Ordinance (Cap 485)

  4. Prepare annual filing of Employer's Return of Remuneration & Pensions Forms BIR56A and IR56B

  5. Prepare the filing of Form IR56F to report the employee's salary up to the date of resignation/termination to Inland Revenue Department (IRD) when the employee resigned or was terminated.

Our other services which we provide alongside our payroll services include the following:

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