Xero Accounting Hong Kong

Prism is equipped and experienced with accounting, auditing and taxation services in Hong Kong. To meet with the ever-changing technology world, Prism becomes one of the partners of Xero, which is one of the leading cloud-based accounting and management softwares. We assist our clients to utilize advance cloud-based accounting software to deliver fast, accurate reports and management information. More importantly, our customers can enjoy cost and time efficiently.

XERO Free Training & Free Trial

Get 1-hour XERO free training and 90-day XERO free trial. Spots are limited. Please contact us to enroll:

  • Phone: +852 34645200

  • Email: info@companyincorporation-hongkong.com


With Xero’s advanced accounting online system, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Keep your cash flow healthy by sending online invoices with online payment options.

  • Track inventory, manage stock and easily add items into invoices and orders anytime.

  • See how cash is tracking with a quick glance at your customizable Xero dashboard.

  • Keep track of the money in and out with daily updates and simple bank reconciliation.

  • Customize management reports that you can review anytime and wherever you are to assist you to make right decisions.

  • Able to connect with over 700 difference business mobile apps to help you seamlessly manage your business.

  • Free yourself from worrying about financial records, supervising accounts staff, and dealing with creditors and auditors.

XERO Partner (Official)

Prism Consultancy is an official partner of Xero (on Bronze level).

Xero Bronze Partner - Prism Consultancy

Prism’s role when you are using Xero:

  • Review and analyze your company current situation on book-keeping, internal control, invoicing, resources on accounting

  • Consultation on how your business maximize the function and features of Xero and its associated apps

  • Advise on cost efficiency by using Xero

  • Plan and schedule for Xero initial set up

  • Conversion of existing software data to Xero

  • Implementation of Xero on your daily operation

  • Train your in-house staffs for using Xero

  • Continue consultation and follow up to meet the clients business changing needs

  • Monthly checking and review to ensure the data is properly input and the useful reports will be generated to provide management a right tool for decision making.

To better understand and keep track of the financial health of your business reports that can be generated from Xero include:

  • Accounts receivable aging report

  • Accounts payable aging report

  • Income statement

  • Balance sheet

  • Cash flow statement

With the accounts receivable aging report, you can keep track of all the income and sales i.e. each single upcoming and overdue invoice of each customer. In Xero, you can create an online quote, bid, or estimate. You can invoice a customer, create a credit note, or receive a customer payment through traditional payment methods or online through PayPal, Stripe, etc. You can even set up email reminders to be sent to your customers for overdue invoices.

With the accounts payable aging report, you can keep track of all the expenses and bills. In Xero, you can create and manage expense claims. You can create a bill, mark bills paid online, or pay bills with a check.

The income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement are always the three primary financial statements or reports. The income statement simply shows the financial health of your business. The balance sheet reveals the total assets, liabilities, and equity of your business. The cash flow statement provides the insight into the overall cash flow of your company.

One of the best features is the ability to connect all your bank and credit card accounts to Xero. Once connected, all the bank and credit card transactions can be downloaded directly into Xero. This is a big time saving as it prevents any manual data input.

To make Xero a long term plan for accounting/bookkeeping management of your company, you will set up (or import) all the necessary details of your customers, suppliers (or vendors), and services (or products). Xero enables you to quickly set up or import such information.

In almost no downtime, you will be able to fully switch from spreadsheet and/or another bookkeeping software to Xero.

More than 700 third-party apps are available and ready to be integrated with Xero. The third-party apps are in categories:

  • Payments: e.g. PayPal, Stripe, Square, Practice Ignition

  • Payroll service and HR: e.g. HReasily, Thai Account Pack, Talenox, RosterElf

  • Invoicing and jobs: e.g. WorkflowMax, ServiceM8, ApprovalMax, simPRO

  • Inventory: e.g. DEAR Inventory, TradeGecko, Unleashed Software

  • CRM: e.g. Capsule CRM, Pipedrive, Accelo, Insightly CRM, Mailchimp, Hubspot, Pepperi

  • Time tracking: e.g. Deputy, Fergus, Tradify