Xero-Hubdoc Integration

Xero Hubdoc Integration

Hubdoc – What is It?

Xero-Hubdoc integration is a powerful solution.

Hubdoc is a data capture solution for bookkeeping and small businesses. When a document (e.g. bill or receipt) is uploaded to Hubdoc, the data is extracted and synchronized to Xero. Hubdoc transactions are automatically matched to the corresponding transactions in Xero bank feed. It is now ready for one-click reconciliation.

How You Can Capture Documents with Hubdoc?

Method 1: Snap a photo with the Hubdoc mobile app. Take a phone receipt, invoice or bill with the Hubdoc app. Hubdoc scans, extracts and stores all your receipts, invoices or bills as documents, and they are ready to be published electronically i.e. Hubdoc enables paperless.

Method 2: When you first sign-up with Hubdoc, you are provided with a personal Hubdoc email address. You can send all your documents to your Hubdoc email address.

Method 3: When you have already scanned your documents i.e. receipts, invoices, bills, or statements, you can upload them directly to Hubdoc. The key data in the documents will be extracted into Hubdoc.

Once a document is uploaded to Hubdoc, the optical character recognition (OCR) in Hubdoc reads the texts in the scanned receipt, bill, statement, invoice, etc and transforms the document into a list showing the important details such as date, vendor name, and amount. Your data/documents are all kept in one central location.

This is only the first part of the process – The best part is when you integrate Hubdoc with Xero (a cloud-based accounting software).

Hubdoc - How does It Benefit Accountants or Bookkeepers and Small Businesses?

Many hours of an accountant or bookkeeper’s time may have been spent chasing documents from small business clients, doing manual data entry work, or struggling with other administrative office work.

With the Xero-Hubdoc integration, document delivery and data entry can be automated. This saves the precious time of the accountant and/or bookkeeper.

When the accountant or bookkeeper offers consulting services or accounting service to small business clients, they can spend the time scaling their practice and building stronger working relationship with the small businesses.

To top it all, the data captured is accurate.

Hubdoc enables you to quickly upload bills and receipts using your mobile device, desktop, email, or scanner.

Using the Xero/Hubdoc integration is better and faster than using other tools.

The next step is to get started with integrating Xero and Hubdoc.

Xero-Hubdoc Integration

The Xero-Hubdoc integrated solution enables:

Step 1: A document to be uploaded, scanned, or emailed to Hubdoc.

Step 2: The key data (of the document) is extracted from Hubdoc.

Step 3: The coded data is posted to Xero, where Hubdoc transactions are automatically mapped to Xero bank feed transactions.

The entire document capture process is paperless.

Is Your Financial Data Saved with Hubdoc?

Your financial documents/data are safe-guarded because Hubdoc uses bank-level security to ensure data safety which includes 256 bit encryption, SSL/TLS, a Premium Extended Validation certificate, McAfee monitoring, and TRUSTe verification.

Xero Hubdoc Integration

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