Hong Kong Responsive Web Design Services & Examples

Responsive Web Design

Get your company website or eCommerce website designed and developed.

Websites built in WordPress are highly customizable and editable by business owners or staffs running the business, and do not require a web developer to make the daily changes.

Websites that are developed with WordPress are Responsive Web Design i.e. Fully mobile optimized websites.

The websites include content, menu, photos editable with complete CMS and are an essential platform for any business to promote services and sell products online through Search Engine Optimization.

Prism Consultancy provides the development of websites that follow the responsive web design patterns.

A simple company website can be used to showcase your brand, business, products, and/or services in Hong Kong.

A website with eCommerce capabilities (including shopping cart, payment gateways for credit cards, PayPal, Alipay, WeChat Pay, etc) can be extremely useful for selling products and/services online to Hong Kong customers and/or other customers across the world.

Either way, the website will be fully ready for local SEO.

Website Design Plans

Have your website designed and developed in WordPress i.e. the most popular website builder / CMS that are used on websites across the world.

  • Plan A is businesses who need a simple company website for capturing new business leads and/or showing business contact information.

  • Plan B is for businesses to sell products online with an eCommerce website.


Display Your Business

One-time fee

  • 1 x Professional designed website that are mobile friendly and SEO friendly, with: Homepage x 1, About page x 1, Contact page x 1 (contact form, Google Maps included), Product pages x 10
  • Newsletter subscription form
  • Contact form links to new leads database and bulk export function
  • Wordpress CMS backend access – You get full access to adding/removing/editing all the content of your website
  • One hour of free training on using the Wordpress CMS backend
  • Homepage sliding banners (optional)
  • Product gallery and slideshow
  • Social media buttons
  • Links to Youtube videos
  • The website includes one language
  • Choose from 1 of the 3 draft designs. Allows 1 chance to review the website; Changes will be made (if any required); After the 1 time changes, the website will be the final version.
  • Free for the 1st year: 1 Free Domain Name (Promotion period only)
  • HKD 3,000 per language: Additional Language Setup (if your website's first free language is English, and you want a second language Chinese)
  • HKD 600 per page: Additional Page Setup (on first language)
  • HKD 300 per page: Additional Page Setup (on non-first language)

Responsive Web Design Example: Ecommerce Website

Navakarana.com offers Yoga workshops, one-on-one private Yoga consultation conducted by Dario Calvaruso. Customers can make online bookings to various available workshops and private sessions.

Yoga Master Teacher Training

Yoga Master teacher training workshop can be booked on the website.

Yoga Private Sessions Online

Private sessions can be booked through the website.

Checkout - Payment Gateways

Multiple payment gateways at checkout have been enabled to customers including major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, etc), and Alipay and WeChat Pay (for China's customers).