Google My Business – Does Your Company Appear There?

Use this strategy to get 300 new customers!

When people are Googling your business name, does your company website show up at the top of Google?

If not, you’re missing 300 potential leads a month!

You could have made $1,000 profit from each lead, but now you’re losing $300,000 a month!

Does your company website appear at the top position when someone searches your business name on Google?

If not, that’s exactly what the problem is.

Google Number One Position: Prism

A real example is that our visa consulting business website shows up on the number one position whenever people searches our business name “Prism Consultancy”.

How have we managed to rank our website / web page up there? That’s known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In short with SEO, you need to get these right: The SEO basics, technical, speed, content, etc for your company website. And you’ll need to get people (or other websites/blogs) to link to your website.

Refer to our approach with SEO.

Actually we integrate SEO into our SEO conversion funnel which ensures your website gets the right visitors, and ensures the visitors are guided into taking the necessary actions on your website.

One the visitors have taken the required actions, they would be turned into “leads” or “prospects”. From that point, we will start nurturing the leads. The end goal is to convert them into new customers (or new paid customers).

Use this ONE trick now to save advertising money!

You don’t need to advertise your business when you know this ONE trick.

People could have easily found your business on Google!

You don’t even need to pay money for advertising - Only when you know this trick and apply it!

Google My Business lets your “business” show up on the right hand side of Google’s search results page when people are searching your brand name.

Again, an example that we are showing you now is our company’s Google MyBusiness listing.

Prism on Google My Business

You don’t want to miss out showing up in front of your potential customers when they are on Google searching for your business.


When you rank number one on Google, that is good.

When your company appears on Google MyBusiness, that is even better.

It is important to work on SEO of your website.

Apply the 9-step process when executing local SEO.

Contact us if you need professional help getting your company to appear on the first position on Google and show up on Google My Business.

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