Bank Account Opening Service in HK

As one of financial centers in the world, Hong Kong has very effective and sufficient infrastructure for doing business and making investment. Hong Kong has worldwide reputable banking facilities and infrastructure which allows no restriction money flow, thus getting bank accounts in Hong Kong are necessary.

Due to global anti money laundry involved, many banks become more strict on selecting their clients, thus engaging a consultant to assist in opening bank account is very common now.

You don't have to visit Hong Kong when opening your bank account. We can help you to open bank accounts via online banking services. Funds are transferred with SWIFT codes & handled by DBS Bank.


Prism has been establishing strong business relationship with Hong Kong’s international banks, such as HSBC, DBS, Bank of China, OCBC, Standard Chartered bank, Citibank, etc. We can assist our clients in making appointments with banks and in preparing relevant documents needed.

Prism roles include but not limited to the following:

  • Provide professional advice on writing business plan for bank account opening

  • Advise the best strategy to obtain the bank account

  • Provide tailor-made document checklist

  • Review all the documents to ensure they are all good

  • Submit the application and documents to the bank

  • Follow up with the bank of the status from time to time

  • Reply on behalf of the client for any further enquiry from the bank

  • Obtain approval of the bank account for the client


The procedures are for you to open your bank account by physically be presented in Hong Kong.

  • Submit an application and all necessary documents to bank for due diligence

  • Reply to bank enquiry or further request

  • Approval on due diligence by bank compliance department

  • Schedule an appointment for meeting bank officer and obtain authorized signatures

  • Approval for the bank account opening

  • Assign a bank account number to the company

  • Deliver all necessary information and passwords for online banking

  • Activate online banking password and first time online banking registration service


  1. No restriction on foreign exchange remittance and on transfer of funds

  2. Convenience in settlement of international trades

  3. No restriction on conversion of currencies

  4. Convenient daily account operation and security online bank transactions

  5. Convenience in getting trade financing from international banks

Open Bank Account in Hong Kong Without Visiting HK

The process below is for opening Hong Kong bank account without having to be physically presented in Hong Kong.

Through this online banking service, the Hong Kong bank account can be opened in 2-4 days.

The application process (when opening a new Hong Kong bank account online) and the requirements are simple.

  • The applicant is not required to be physically presented in Hong Kong when opening a new Hong Kong bank account.

  • The applicant can demonstrate the scope of his/her business with a company website.

  • The applicant does not have to supply with complicated or in-depth supporting documents. Only simple questions will have to be answered by the applicant.

  • Basically applicants from all countries are allowed to open a Hong Kong bank account through this online banking service. The only exceptions are countries which are being sanction across internationally.

The advantages of enabling this online banking service include:

  • The bank account (when it is approved and opened) will be enabled with multi-currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, RMB, AUD, CAD, CHF, DKK, GBP, JPY, NOK, NZD, SEK and SGD.

  • Online payment platforms such as Stripe and PayPal can easily be connected to your online banking account.

  • No minimum amount of cash or asset is required to be deposited or kept in your online banking account.

  • A Debit MasterCard can be issued to the applicant (as an option).

  • It is free of charge for each inward remittance. However, the fee for each outward remittance is US$ 25.

The online banking services are licensed global financial institutions which offer solutions to serve as a digital bank or a virtual bank. The digital bank or virtual bank does not hold traditional banking licenses but can process transactions while custodian services of the funds are handled by DBS Bank in Hong Kong. For funds to transfer in and out of the digital/virtual bank, the bank’s SWIFT code and account details are used.

Incorporate Hong Kong Company with a Virtual Bank

If you let us incorporate a Hong Kong company for you, you will also get:

  • A virtual bank account

  • A registered office address - This is compulsory when incorporating in Hong Kong.