Virtual Office HK

Virtual Office is your ideal solution for having immediate local contact points in Hong Kong for your clients, vendors, bankers, many prospective business parties and local government. It includes Hong Kong business address, mail and courier services, phone services, fax services, answering services and meeting & conference facilities. The virtual office approach can also maintain statutory records of the company and receipt of acknowledgment of local government's correspondences, extensively saving the cost of office rental, staff salary, equipment and other office expenses.

Prism provides customized one-stop professional corporate virtual office services to suit our clients’ needs and meet their specific requirements. We offer these packages at very competitive prices.


  • Provide a registered office address for the company

  • Collecting letters from the Government departments, banks, other correspondences or even customers on behalf of clients’ companies

  • Clients can use our registered office address in their letterhead papers and business cards

  • Optional for clients to print their company names to our directory panel at our registered office address

  • Mail Forwarding: Prism will handle the mails and parcels at the instruction of clients. We have guarantee on our prompt forwarding service.

  • Call answering: Prism assists clients by having professional staffs to handle all incoming phone calls with clients’ specified greetings and company name. In addition to call screening, call forwarding and message recording services, all messages will be immediately delivered to clients’ assigned email account or phone number.

We have tailor-made the following virtual office packages that allow you to maximize your potential by using our resources.

Plan A


HK$1,200 / US$160 per year

  • Providing registered office address and correspondence address for Government posts.
    • This package does not include receipt of any other posts. We will return other mails/parcels to post office without further notifications
    • This package is only available to customers who engaged to our company secretarial services

Plan C


HK$5,000 / US$670 per year

  • Providing registered office address and correspondence address for ALL mails
  • Handling mails and parcels and notifying by email
  • Courier arrangement
  • Use of conference room at normal rate