HK Chief Executive Policy Address (2019) - How SME Owners May Take Advantages?

HK Chief Executive Policy Address

Hong Kong SME owners – 2019 may be a difficult year for all businesses.

What are the financial benefits you are eligible to receive from the HK government (after the release of the Chief Executive Policy Address in 2019)?

  • Financing Business Growth of Hong Kong SMEs

  • Increase of Property Loan

  • Increase of Subsidy in the Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme

Financing Business Growth of Hong Kong SMEs

Under the SME Financing Guarantee Scheme, the HK government is to offer a 90% guarantee for approved loans.

For SMEs who are involved in export marketing, each enterprise is eligible for up to $800,000 (under the SME Export Marketing Fund).

The HK government is to invest $1,000,000,000 into the Dedicated Fund on branding, upgrading and domestic sales. Each SME is eligible to receive $2,000,000 under the Mainland Programme and the Free Trade Agreement Programme.

Increase of Property Loan

Under the Mortgage Insurance Programme of the HKMC Insurance Limited, HK residents can receive a mortgage loan of up to $8,000,000 (which is double to the previous cap). i.e. It is now 90% of the total cost of the property can be placed on their mortgage loan.

Increase of Subsidy in the Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme

Surely HK residents use public transport very often.

  • All HK residents were eligible to receive subsidy cash when their monthly transportation expenditure was over $400.

  • The subsidy was capped at $300 per month and was equivalent to one-fourth of their monthly transportation expenditure (for the portion that has exceeded $400).

Now with the increased Public Transport Fare Subsidy Scheme:

  • All HK residents can receive subsidy cash which is capped at $400 per month. i.e. Possibility of $100 increase in monthly transportation subsidy.

  • The requirement of one-fourth of the monthly transportation expenditure has been increased to one-third.

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